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Ser Acer har kommet med 1080p hybrid LED-laser projektor. Casio har vel hatt noen små mobile varianter av dette tidligere med noe lavere oppløsning.

Noen som vet hvordan svartnivå er med denne teknologien? Ser de skryter av stort fargerom og lang levetid i pressemeldingen. Støy burde jo også være betydelig mindre mtp at LED utvikler svært lite varme.

Acer breeds LEDs with lasers, new hybrid projector is born -- Engadget

Acer Debuts World's First 1080p Hybrid LED-Laser Projector - Unique mercury-free technology improves brightness, color, and light-source lifetime

The Acer K750 is the world's first 1080p projector equipped with a hybrid laser-LED light technology, improving color saturation by 55% to deliver outstanding, energy efficient projection.

The K750 projector uses both LED and laser light sources, which is not only hazardous substances free - like mercury of halogen gases – but also significantly improves color brightness when compared to high-pressure mercury lamps. This technology also increases the light-source lifetime to 20,000 hours in ExtremeECO mode and enables as much as 90% power savings, helping to reduce TCO over its life, thus positioning the K750 as one of the most environmental friendly projectors.

What's more, this innovative hybrid light-source technology enables flexible color settings and a wider color gamut to deliver better color saturation up to 85% NTSC and offers superior color fidelity through a system of three independent color lighting sources.

With a brightness of up to 1,500 lumens and a contrast ratio up to 100,000:1 projects perfect and crispy content, while the 1080p Full HD resolution allows enjoying HDTV and watching Blu-ray movies in fantastic clarity and detail.

The HDMI® port delivers uncompressed digital signals and multi-channel audio, providing easy connectivity to high-definition presentation and entertainment. In addition to it, the K750 projector is equipped with at least two connectors for multiple-PC source input, including D-Sub and HDMI®, offering more flexible connectivity and instant switching.

In order to empower usability, the K750 features instant on/off capability, which means no cool-down period is needed after turning the projector off. This is an important productivity feature especially in the business and education world. Moreover, the Acer SmartFormat technology instantly synchronizes with wide-format displays without any resolution adjustments from the notebook, while supporting multi-format for instant projection.

This projector sports an elegant gray-and-white portable design: the control pad is embedded on the sleek gray and metal surface, reflecting Acer's premium craftsmanship; the sculpted lines on the ventilation grill add sophistication to the design, while the smooth, rounded contours provide a comfortable touch.