Hello from Munich,

I hope to find someone here that has experiances with curve screens an 9" CRTs. On Curt Palme there is not very much to find about curve screens, and the most of this was posted by myself (same user name:
Curved screens - CRTs and lens recommendations/experiances ).

For 9" curve projection I know and have the HD10r5m lenses. They are pretty rare, but no one can compare them to the HRQ904 /910 lenses that are found on late model Barocs. With the HD10r5m I was able to achieve close to 20% curve (percentage from the widht of the screen - so a 200cm wide screen is then ~ 40cm deep). Does anyone here have the HRQ lenses and can post some results of curve and their resolution? I would also buy them for my own tests (I own original HD10 boxes for shipping). I have since years a 100% positive Ebay account, and 100% positive trade counts in Hifi and Video forums around the world.

Can I mix HD10r5m with HRQs in a two CRTs blend setup, or do I need second set of HD10r5m, or do I have to get two sets of HRQs if I want to use them?

Or can anyone report from other 9" lenses for curve screens, or share the results for HD10f/HFQ lenses, that I am also searching for tests. Genarally, I want to update my curve thread with all existing lenses I can afford.

Best regards