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Noe sært er det...

The revelations in this comedy may change your life!

• This amazingly quirky radio play in the British style was a smash success on public radio in the 1980s.

• Mind-bending sonic effects and processing by RR's own Prof. Keith O. Johnson.

• Newly available for the first time on compact disc, The Human Holiday is a perfect antidote to the stresses and worries of our world!

• A cross between a consciousness seminar and a Tupperware party, The Human Holiday asks the burning question, “Are there laughs on the other side?”

• Join your host Midal Gogat of The Finite Corporation as he and a cast of thousands present to souls bored with an eternity of bliss a slickly-packaged sales pitch on the joys and excitements of incarnating on Planet Earth, “Playground of the Universe.”

• The Human Holiday is sure to become a cult favorite among those who love Lily Tomlin, Tom Lehrer, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

• To quote a ten-time earthling, "It's a thrill a minute!"

A quote from LP review: “...the sound is so good you simply forget about it after a few minutes and become completely immersed in the content. The Human Holiday is so slickly and convincingly done that one finds it easy to accept the whole hing as being real...It's a masterpiece.” -–J. Gordon Holt, Stereophile

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