"Blu-ray player price crash expected in November "

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    "Blu-ray player price crash expected in November "

    Blu-ray player prices are heading for a dramatic fall. That’s the prediction of industry observers in the US who are already speculating over the depth of BD discounting expected in November. It’s then that the main American retailers will reveal their Black Friday sales prices.

    Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which traditionally kick starts the US holiday sales season. This year it falls on November 28.

    Previously, the Black Friday sales instigated the worldwide crash in flatscreen TV prices when Panasonic plasmas were heavily discounted from their once lofty positions.

    This year, it looks as if Blu-ray players are heading irrevocably below $200 dollars. Influential tech site TVpredictions.com says prices could be cut as low as $149. ‘Blu-ray makers are now introducing new models with interactive features to kick off the fall season,’ says site writer Swanni. ‘The new players are enabling retailers to lower prices on older models to unprecedented lows. But the industry is also encouraging the lower prices to step up sales of the Blu-ray player which have been disappointing since its format victory over HD DVD last spring.’

    Although Andy Parsons, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association, maintains hardware prices are unlikely to fall significantly this year, the trend is downwards. Memorex recently announced a BD player for the US market for $269. This week, Amazon.com has been clearing stock of Sony’s BDP-S300 at $199.

    Interest in Blu-ray seems to be on the wane in the US. According to new data from Nielsen VideoScan, the format’s market share fell to just eight per cent during the week ending September 14, with DVD sales dominating at 92 per cent.

    With the US economy in tatters, a sharp drop in Blu-ray prices may be the only way of raising interest in the format for the key Xmas season.

    Blu-ray player price crash expected in November | Home Cinema Choice

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    Det har vel forsåvidt allerede startet her i Norge - se hva jeg fikk på epost fra Komplett i dag:

    Komplett.no - Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray Player HDMI, 1080P upscale, black

    1995 for en grei BD spiller..............

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