:-DHi Fellow Members,
Firstly sorry for writing i Engelsk..Min Norsk is not good at all.:sad:

It was suggested to me by a fellow member of Gearslutz Forums,to join AV-Forums Norge,and put my request for help & advice here.

I found out that most folk disagreed on which are the best Bass traps.and it all became unfriendly:?
Nothing really to do with me I was just the ball in the middle.!I was just asking the questions...

I had being looking at GIK Panels and it was the folk from GIK who were in dispute with some of the members on Gearslutz!

I also found Auralex in a web search and this is avaialble i Norge,I think

Of course with many things not just Bass traps it is the costs involved of importing from USA/UK e.t.c. makes everything very expensive,and to date I have paid Toll Norge thousands..over the years!

More than one member of the forum suggested DIY and one of them offered to help he lives in Akerhus..I am not able to do very much myself due to poor health..I would prefer someone with knowledge and skill to build them if at all possible.
*I will attach some pics of the room which is quite small
3mtrs x 2mtrs x2.97 High (Approx)

Intended use of room?

right end 2mtr end will have (eventually) a Latin percussion set up IE Congas & Timbales maybe on a drum mat or similar.This will be filmed and recorded with a Zoom Q3 i only need to video & record my lessons and if I am lucky enough to go for proffessional latin lessons?? I could take it with me...I am not interested in DAW/Editing/Mixing or laying down tracks..I would have the Q3 on a boom mic stand in front of percussion set up?

At the other end of the room left hand side (2mtr)DELL Studio 32 bit Laptop (win7) I would like small stand/Bookshelf Passive Speakers+Integrated Amp----> which will connect with a Musical fidelity V-dac & possibly V-can?+good headphones(i have had some suggestions already from other forums:-( AT 50s Sennheiser 558/598s/AT-50s/ AKG 242HD and one or two others to my old

Why not Active speaker route??

Well some time back I went down that route and spent a lot of money and it really was a major dissapointment..I had taken tons of advcie on forums and especially dealers in the USA and ended up with Gear that was overprised [CUSTOM CABLES + MUSICSTREAMER+Little dot top of range VALVE HEAD AMP(sold to brother in law so less loss) top notch Beyer dynamic H/phones,Audioengine actives A5s Bamboo (imported)ALL with very costly shipping and Norsk moms e.t.c.+and not suited to my use..ended up returning (at a loss) or selling cheap on audiogon e.t.c.

So have now learnt my lesson the hard way and will be more careful what I choose this time around.

The percussion thing is a lifelong dream and something I would love to achieve..means a lot to me....

anyway thats it for now

any suggestions re bass traps e.t.c. ot folk who can/will build them much appreciated

Best Wishes Steve